Ah February. The month of love. But why only one month? Why don’t we celebrate love every moment of every day, every month, every year? Let us bask in love all the time. Let all our thoughts and actions stem from feelings of love. Inhale Love, Exhale Love. And not only romantic love, as this month and Valentine’s Day like to promote. Let’s embrace all the forms love shows up in. Maybe most importantly, we start with Self Love.

Inhale Love, Exhale Love

Let’s create habits and lifestyles of taking care of ourselves. Spend time learning how to love ourselves; I promise you, this time will be well spent. Learning to respect our minds, accept our unique bodies, and listen to the soft voice of our souls. We do this and all connections to other beings and nature become stronger and brighter. Because how can you pour from an empty cup? How can we add value to relationships if we don’t value ourselves first and foremost?

I’ve always disliked the idea that Valentine’s Day likes to promote. The idea that I need someone to complete me. The idea that my life is not complete based on the fact that I haven’t found “The One”, haven’t gotten married, don’t have a partner. Don’t get me wrong, that big love is something we all yearn for, we all desire. But let’s shift our view from the place of need. Let go of the attachment and let things be. Let go of the expectation of specific outcomes that society tells you is right. Marriage has become a goal, a milestone to reach. If your relationship isn’t heading to marriage then it’s a waste of time. Let’s step back, forget the rules that have been made for you, and make your own. Every moment can teach you something, there are no wasted moments.

Inhale Love, Exhale Love

Find happiness with being with yourself, let’s face it, the only person you can guarantee being¬†around forever is you! Fill yourself with love and kindness and these things will show up in your life more and more. You attract what you are. Be present in each moment, and see the beauty in it. Always Inhale Love, Exhale Love. And watch your life change.

Also¬†I’d love to hear the Self Care activities you enjoy! Taking baths, reading, meditating. What do you do for you?



Inhale Love, Exhale Love

One thought on “Inhale Love, Exhale Love

  • February 12, 2017 at 2:40 pm

    Great post! It’s all very true. I love the book the universe has your back. Perhaps I’ll try the motivation manifesto.


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