Hello! I’m Whitney.

I’m a Holistic Health Coach | Wellness Entrepreneur | Plant-Based Foodie

Soulcentric | Nature Lover | Stargazer | Moon Child

– just to name a few.

I am a certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and am beyond excited to embark on this journey of supporting others to reach their wellness dreams. It is my goal to help you say goodbye to anxious feelings and low moods and have you feel aligned and at peace.

Do you;
– Have breakdowns of anxiety over leaving the house?
– Find yourself in tears for… no reason? Yet can’t stop?
– Struggle through what seems like endless low moods and feelings of hopelessness?
– Generally struggle with finding motivation to do just about anything?

If any of the above resonates with you, you’re in the right place! I’ve been in your shoes and gone through all of these struggles myself.

In high school and into my 20’s, I suffered from depression and anxiety and for a big part of my life, felt lost and had no real passion in life. I didn’t eat well, partied a lot and generally had a horrible mindset towards myself and others. I floated from restaurant job to office job and back, never feeling fulfilled or at peace. After landing at rock bottom a few years ago, I moved back in with my parents to heal. It took a long time before I started to feel alive again. I began with diet changes and rediscovered my love for cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. I then added in movement; activities like walking and yoga, began a meditation practice and started reading again! All of these changes started a deep and spiritual journey to my core, to remember who I really was, to let go of limiting beliefs, and retrain my brain to recognize my worth. It was hard, messy and confusing at times, but all of it worthwhile as it’s the reason I’m here doing what I’m doing.

The life I live now is night and day compared to five years ago. I am completely grateful for all of my experiences, although extremely difficult, they led me here. Now I know my purpose.

– To be of service and to help those who may be suffering, as I was.
– To support and hold space for others to make changes to fully love their life.

Alongside coaching, I am also what I like to call a Wellness Entrepreneur. I’ve partnered with USANA Health Sciences, a cellular nutrition company, that gives me the opportunity to grow a thriving and supportive global tribe, all on the foundation of optimal health and financial freedom. Community and support networks are an important part of a fulfilling life, and I love connecting and growing with others.