Hello and welcome! I’m Whitney; a Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Guide.

I believe we all have the power within to heal ourselves and to live a passionate and fulfilled life. What to eat and how to find happiness has become confusing and over-complicated and one of my goals here is to simplify all of it and return to basics. 

I am also on a mission to open the mental health conversation even further as it is something I have a long history with. The link between nutrition and our mental states needs to be explored further and I strongly believe that in most cases, depression and anxiety can be healed naturally without the use of medications. 

Concepts like real food, connection and self love form the foundation of everything I believe and embody in my life. And it’s through these concepts I believe true healing takes place.

More About Me

Holistic Health Coaching

Working with women who are ready to let go of negative thought patterns, anxiety and unhealthy habits. I empower women to return to real food and self love and to realize their own power to heal themselves.

USANA Partnership

For individuals interested in the health and wellness field, who are ready to begin designing their life their way. The mission behind this global wellness community is optimal health, connection and creating financial freedom.

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