Whitney Barkman - Habits to Do When You Begin to Feel Depressed
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4 Habits to Do When You Begin to Feel Depressed

You can feel it coming on. You start to feel a bit down. Your energy drops. You feel uninspired and listless. Another period of depression is rolling in, and that is depressing in itself. But there’s hope. You can take action now before it truly takes hold. Read on for a few habits to do when you begin to feel depressed. Implementing a couple of these exercises can help minimize and lessen the period of depression. They can help shift your mood and re-energize you. Give them a try. 

Whitney Barkman - 4 Habits to Do When You Begin to Feel Depressed
— 4 Habits to Do When You Begin to Feel Depressed

»Move. Seriously THE best thing you can do when you feel your mood start to dip is to get up, get outside if you can, and move. It doesn’t have to be a big, complicated process. Throw on your shoes, get out the door and go for a 10-15 minute wellness walk. The fresh air will revitalize you, the walking will shift your mood and you’ll feel better in a few minutes. If you feel you can do a bit more than that, practice yoga, do an exercise routine or dance. Sweating and getting your blood pumping is incredibly effective in boosting your emotions and mood.

»Laugh. I know, I know, when you’re beginning to feel depressed the last thing that comes to mind is laughing. But it is highly effective in changing your perspective and helping you feel better. Watch something funny, read a comic strip or joke, find something that never fails to make you laugh.

»Connect. This one is huge. Reach out to a trusted family member or friend and ask if they have space to chat. Talking to someone you love and trust is a powerful way for you to get out of your own head. You feel more supported and loved when you have someone there for you. This goes a long way to stopping that period of depression in its tracks.

»Get Creative. Find a way to get what you’re feeling out of your head and body. This can be writing in your journal, writing a poem, drawing, colouring. Create something and let everything you’re feeling out onto the page. Let it come out of you with no judgement, just be real. No one else has to see this so don’t hold anything back. Once it’s out on the page, you can even practice a small ritual to release it. Safely burn the piece of paper or flush it down the toilet. As you do this, mentally say “I’m releasing what no longer serves me”.

Whitney Barkman - Habits to Shift Depression

Having healthy habits to turn to when things start to feel a little dark is a big part of healing. Next time you’re beginning to feel down, try one of these great little exercises to feel uplifted.

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