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8 Reasons to Meditate Daily

Meditation has some serious scientifically studied benefits backing it. This powerhouse of a habit is one of the best ways to calm your nervous system and reconnect with your own energy and breath. I want to share about meditation more and more as I believe every single soul on this planet should be meditating – whether you think you “need” to or not. So today I’m sharing my 8 Reasons to Meditate Daily.

Whitney Barkman - 8 Reasons to Meditate Daily
— reasons to meditate daily

1. Meditation can result in brain changes that protect against mental health conditions.

Starting off strong here, with my number 1 reason to meditate daily. Meditation practiced every day actually has the power to change your brain. This practice protects against many mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. You experience less anxiety in day-to-day life as meditation loosens connections to particular neural pathways. Science shows that people who meditate have more control over how their brain processes negative sensations (like pain) and negative thoughts (such as depression triggers).

2. Meditation helps process emotions, even when you aren’t actively meditating.

I love that this practice continually supports you even when you aren’t sitting in meditation. Practicing for 5 minutes daily can be enough to help you process your emotions for the entire day. As a sensitive and emotional person myself, I have become much more balanced and less reactive since I began meditating.

3. Meditation is leads to more creativity and new ideas.

This one if pretty awesome because we are all creative beings, even if you don’t really think you are. Creation comes in many different forms and meditating can encourage this process. It allows periods of stillness and quiet into your life and this is where new ideas really flourish.

4. Meditation is linked to feeling less stressed.

Chronic stress and anxiety is extremely prevalent in society today and it’s leading to disease and depression. Having meditation as a tool to support you, you can reduce the stress you feel on a daily basis and actually lower cortisol levels.


and even more reasons to meditate daily —

5. Memory improvement.

 What a great way to actually improve your memory. As I mentioned above, meditation has the power to actually change your brain, in more ways than one, as it helps your memory improve. It can also help cut back on distracting thoughts, improving your focus which of course boosts memory.

6. Get better sleep.

With all the screens we look at today, sleep is suffering. And sleep is an incredibly important part of a healthy mind. Science suggests that meditation before bed can reduce insomnia and help you sleep quality improve.

7. Improve eating habits.

Distracted and emotional eating are all too common these days. Research actually suggests that meditation can improve eating habits and help you cut back on emotional eating.

8. Be nicer.

Meditation improves your mood, making it more likely that you’ll feel kindness towards others. This practice is linked to more feelings of laughter and empathy and also promotes a more team-oriented mentality. We’re all in this together.

It isn’t always easy to begin a new habit, especially if you have no idea where or how to start. Check out the @insighttimer app to find free, guided, beginner meditations to help you get started.

Love & Light