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Forever a Forest Wanderer

Having majestic mountains and endless forests in my backyard was taken for granted for many years. While I spent hours and hours outside growing up; skiing, horseback riding, and swimming in glacier-fed lakes, my connection to nature didn't deepen until I was nearing 30 and needing a reset on the way I was living.

My dad has been in and out of photography for most of my life, and though my interest wasn't sparked in the art form until more recent years, I have always been near to this form of creativity. In 2017, I got a "proper" camera of my own, and my love for photography was born.

Spending time in nature and capturing its magic has changed my entire outlook on my life; photography has taught me how to live slowly, how to appreciate the small things, and is at the very foundation of who I am today.

Capturing those epic views and majestic landscapes, while enjoyable, isn't what keeps me heading off into the woods every chance I get. It's the small scenes, the overlooked magic, the things we walk by day after day never noticing. It's the foggy tendrils snaking through the trees, the vibrance in the green moss after a downpour and the delicate sparkle in a softly held raindrop on the edge of a leaf.

My work attempts to capture a moment in time, a feeling of calm, a peaceful pause, and a sense of magic in the seemingly mundane.