• Whitney Barkman - Homemade Miso Soup 3
    Dinner,  Vegan

    Homemade Miso Soup

    Although we’re heading into Spring, there’s still time for some warming soups. And this one is yummy and probably one of the easiest soups I’ve ever made. I’m a big sushi fan and every time I go, I make sure to get a miso soup. Well, turns out it’s pretty…

  • Whitney Barkman - 10 Foods That Will Boost Your Mood 1
    Depression,  Health,  Vegan

    10 Foods That Will Boost Your Mood

    Okay, by now you’ve heard me talk about the direct connection between what you’re eating and how you’re feeling right? If not, let me just say, I strongly believe in the power of food when it comes to healing depression. So here I am today to give you some tasty…

  • Whitney Barkman How to Remain Mindful
    Depression,  Health,  Mindset

    How to Remain Mindful Throughout Your Day

    Mindfulness as a practice has been around for a long, long time but only somewhat recently has it made its way into Western society. With a rapid rise in mental health disorders like anxiety and depression in North America, the need for mindfulness is huge. It’s all too easy to…