• Whitney Barkman How to Remain Mindful
    Depression,  Health,  Mindset

    How to Remain Mindful Throughout Your Day

    Mindfulness as a practice has been around for a long, long time but only somewhat recently has it made its way into Western society. With a rapid rise in mental health disorders like anxiety and depression in North America, the need for mindfulness is huge. It’s all too easy to…

  • Whitney Barkman - Banana Raspberry Muffins
    Baking,  Vegan

    Banana Raspberry Muffins

    What’s better than warm, freshly baked muffins? Maybe ones that are whipped together in 10 minutes and take only 20 to bake? These Banana Raspberry Muffins are incredibly easy and quick to make. So easy, you’ll be baking these every week. And why not? They’re healthy, moist and make a…

  • Whitney Barkman - 8 Reasons to Meditate Daily Feature Image
    Depression,  Health,  Mindset

    8 Reasons to Meditate Daily

    Meditation has some serious scientifically studied benefits backing it. This powerhouse of a habit is one of the best ways to calm your nervous system and reconnect with your own energy and breath. I want to share about meditation more and more as I believe every single soul on this…

  • Whitney Barkman - Vegan Cheese Sauce Recipe
    Condiments,  Vegan

    Vegan “Cheese” Sauce Recipe

    Also known as, magic delicious sauce. This cashew based vegan cheese sauce is legitimately good on everything. Everything. Bowls, nachos, sandwiches and on. When I first changed to a vegan diet, I missed cheese. Dairy cheese was a big part of my diet before I shifted. And it was tough…