• Whitney Barkman - How To View Depression Holistically
    Depression,  Health

    How To View Depression Holistically

    Depression is still a loaded subject in today’s society, one that many people are cautious about approaching. Mostly, that’s because so many people don’t understand it. Even many who suffer from depression don’t fully understand it. And that’s really unfortunate, because it makes it a big, scary beast that no…

  • Crispy Tofu Squares Recipe - Whitney Barkman
    Dinner,  Vegan

    Crispy Tofu Squares Recipe

    Let’s start this post out with honesty – I was not the biggest fan of tofu in my early vegetarian and vegan days. The texture was squishy, it was SO flavourless and not really that appetizing. Fast forward to today – I love it! Mindset shift for one thing, I…

  • How to Support Depression Recovery With Supplements - Whitney Barkman
    Depression,  Health

    How to Support Depression Recovery with Supplements

    Most of what I learned about depression from conventional sources was that it was a chemical imbalance in the brain. Implying that it was not something I had control over or that I could ever heal. But my question is now, what causes that chemical imbalance? The answer that comes…