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    Buddha Bowls

    Buddha Bowls are one of my favourite ways to eat. They are customizable, adaptable and so filling. In the warmer months of the year, I really enjoy fresh foods, things that are lightly cooked, if at all. And then in the cooler months, I crave warm and comforting foods. Buddha…

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    Spinach Filo Cups

    You guys, these Spinach Filo Cups were a total¬†experiment in my kitchen the other night. And they turned out so fantastic. I will be making these again and again. Super easy and took hardly time at all, yet they come out looking fancy AF. The filling is decadent and creamy.…

  • Veggie Burgers
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    Veggie Burgers

    In recent months I have been reducing my intake of meat, eating chicken only once or twice a week and cutting out red meat completely. There are many reasons behind my decision to do this – environmental, animal welfare, and my own health. In my house, we’ve always sourced meat…

  • Coconut Quinoa Curry
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    Coconut Quinoa Curry

    This coconut quinoa curry recipe has quickly become one of my favourites. Going through the tail end of this winter has been tough – and I find myself wanting big bowls of warm soups or stews. This hearty curry is full of great vegetables and it’s easy to customize to…

  • Slow Cooker Tomato Basil Soup
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    Slow Cooker Tomato Basil Soup

    Health is a journey. While I promote a plant based lifestyle now – these older posts reflect my journey into making healthier choices. I leave these online to support others in making changes and to show that not everything needs to change at once. Take your time and always listen…