• How to Support Depression Recovery With Supplements - Whitney Barkman
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    How to Support Depression Recovery with Supplements

    Most of what I learned about depression from conventional sources was that it was a chemical imbalance in the brain. Implying that it was not something I had control over or that I could ever heal. But my question is now, what causes that chemical imbalance? The answer that comes…

  • Gym Movement

    Can Movement Impact Your Mood?

    Can movement impact your mood? 100%! I focus a lot on healthy eating and a balanced diet when I talk about mental health. And for good reason, it’s the foundation upon which everything else builds. Without proper nutrition, there’s no energy for the body to use, no fuel. And if…

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    The Benefits of Meditation

    I share a lot¬†about the benefits of meditation and with good reason, I credit a HUGE part of my healing to meditation. The process has taught me to release my thoughts instead of clinging to them. To find stillness within me and not be pushed around by my emotions. It…

  • Forest Bathing
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    Finding Stillness

    If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t I’d love to have you) then you’ll have an idea of important a connection to nature is to me. And I believe it’s that connection that has supported me greatly on my mental health journey.¬†Finding stillness and quiet is so important…

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    The Gut-Depression Connection

    Our gut and brain are closely connected; therefore the gut-depression connection is something I’m really interested in exploring. The state of your gut has a huge impact on the rest of your health and looking at it from my point of view now, that makes perfect sense. But I didn’t…