• Whitney Barkman - 8 Reasons to Meditate Daily Feature Image
    Depression,  Health,  Mindset

    8 Reasons to Meditate Daily

    Meditation has some serious scientifically studied benefits backing it. This powerhouse of a habit is one of the best ways to calm your nervous system and reconnect with your own energy and breath. I want to share about meditation more and more as I believe every single soul on this…

  • Whitney Barkman - Become a Health Coach

    Are You Feeling Called to Become a Holistic Health Coach?

    There are so many reasons behind someone choosing to adventure down this path of becoming a Holistic Health Coach. Maybe you have a deep desire to help others, you’re really passionate about health and wellness and you would love to make a career out of that. Maybe you’ve had a…

  • Whitney Barkman - How To View Depression Holistically
    Depression,  Health

    How To View Depression Holistically

    Depression is still a loaded subject in today’s society, one that many people are cautious about approaching. Mostly, that’s because so many people don’t understand it. Even many who suffer from depression don’t fully understand it. And that’s really unfortunate, because it makes it a big, scary beast that no…