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    The Gut-Depression Connection

    Our gut and brain are closely connected; therefore the gut-depression connection is something I’m really interested in exploring. The state of your gut has a huge impact on the rest of your health and looking at it from my point of view now, that makes perfect sense. But I didn’t…

  • Alignment

    10 Morning Habits To Start Your Day With Intention

    We all know the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast right? Well, there’s a lot more to how we feel than the foods we eat. By consciously choosing how our morning unfolds we can set the tone for both our physical and mental well-being throughout the day. Here are my…

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    Quitting The Pill

    I want to share today about something I’ve been experiencing the past few weeks. It’s a never-ending journey, this healing, but that’s a good thing! We keep uncovering more layers and healing deeper wounds and this is beautiful. As I’ve spoken about before, I changed my life a lot in…

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    Thank you! I am so grateful for the support and feedback from my last post regarding my journey to where I am now. It felt both terrifying and healing to share my story. Now it’s time to release my past, release that part of my life and continue moving forward.…

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    My Journey (Thus Far)

    My hiatus from this blog ended up being a lot longer than I had expected. In the beginning, I wasn’t even planning on taking time away. However, time kept passing and my block towards writing grew. As with many of us, Summer can become a busy time. I began a…