• Whitney Barkman - Pulled Mushroom Burgers 2
    Dinner,  Vegan

    Pulled Mushroom Burgers

    Oh summer is here and that calls for BBQ’s! Vegan’s can BBQ just as good as a meat eater, and to prove it, try these Pulled Mushroom Burgers. Topped with tangy vegan coleslaw and a side of roasted potatoes – hang on, just started drooling. Mushrooms are an amazing substitute…

  • Whitney Barkman - Kale Caesar Salad with Spiced Chickpeas
    Salads,  Vegan

    Kale Caesar Salad with Spiced Chickpeas

    Have I shared with you how much I LOVE Caesar Salads? I think I have. Needless to say, when I first went vegan I had a hard time. I missed Caesar salad, a lot. A little while ago, I shared the recipe for my epic Vegan Caesar Salad Dressing which…

  • Whitney Barkman - Homemade Miso Soup 3
    Dinner,  Vegan

    Homemade Miso Soup

    Although we’re heading into Spring, there’s still time for some warming soups. And this one is yummy and probably one of the easiest soups I’ve ever made. I’m a big sushi fan and every time I go, I make sure to get a miso soup. Well, turns out it’s pretty…

  • Whitney Barkman - 10 Foods That Will Boost Your Mood 1
    Depression,  Health,  Vegan

    10 Foods That Will Boost Your Mood

    Okay, by now you’ve heard me talk about the direct connection between what you’re eating and how you’re feeling right? If not, let me just say, I strongly believe in the power of food when it comes to healing depression. So here I am today to give you some tasty…

  • Whitney Barkman - Banana Raspberry Muffins
    Baking,  Vegan

    Banana Raspberry Muffins

    What’s better than warm, freshly baked muffins? Maybe ones that are whipped together in 10 minutes and take only 20 to bake? These Banana Raspberry Muffins are incredibly easy and quick to make. So easy, you’ll be baking these every week. And why not? They’re healthy, moist and make a…