• Whitney Barkman - Vegan Cheese Sauce Recipe
    Condiments,  Vegan

    Vegan “Cheese” Sauce Recipe

    Also known as, magic delicious sauce. This cashew based vegan cheese sauce is legitimately good on everything. Everything. Bowls, nachos, sandwiches and on. When I first changed to a vegan diet, I missed cheese. Dairy cheese was a big part of my diet before I shifted. And it was tough…

  • Whitney Barkman - Tofu Sushi Bowl Recipe 1
    Dinner,  Vegan

    Tofu Sushi Bowl Recipe

    I like food in bowls. It makes it more fun, wouldn’t you agree? I think it also makes it easier: toss everything into a bowl and there ya go. This Tofu Sushi Bowl is beyond tasty. Everything you love about sushi, in one delicious bowl. Bowl meals are also really…

  • Crispy Tofu Squares Recipe - Whitney Barkman
    Dinner,  Vegan

    Crispy Tofu Squares Recipe

    Let’s start this post out with honesty – I was not the biggest fan of tofu in my early vegetarian and vegan days. The texture was squishy, it was SO flavourless and not really that appetizing. Fast forward to today – I love it! Mindset shift for one thing, I…

  • Carrot Cake Breakfast Bites Recipe - Whitney Barkman
    Baking,  Breakfast,  Vegan

    Carrot Cake Breakfast Bites Recipe

    Don’t be deceived by the title – these Carrot Cake Bites are actually delicious any time of the day. They are hearty and filling and an easy-to-grab bite for breakfast if you’re heading out the door though. Most of the time I’m a toast with almond butter and banana kind…

  • Vegan Caesar Salad Recipe Whitney Barkman
    Salads,  Vegan

    Vegan Caesar Salad Recipe

    The Vegan Caesar Salad. A beautiful thing for a caesar salad fiend like myself. I have an old recipe on this blog (you can find it here) but when I became vegan, I had to switch things up. This one is easy to make, delicious and just like a regular…