The time is now.

Step into your healthiest, most confident and radiant self with the support of 1-1 virtual coaching.

12 Week Transformation

12 weeks to re-build, re-connect and re-energize the body, mind and soul; building sustainable and lasting wellness. Healing doesn’t happen overnight; patience and consistency is key. So give yourself the support of ongoing accountability and guidance through life’s twists and turns that will allow you to grow into the healthiest, most confident and thriving version of you.

What’s Included:

» An initial holistic health assessment in order to create a personalized coaching experience

» 6 x biweekly virtual coaching sessions + 1 follow-up call after the program to celebrate your transformation and support your continuing growth

» Unlimited email, voice and text message support during the program

» 3 months of support, guidance, friendship and a completely safe space to explore your authenticity

"I'd recommend Whitney to anyone who is struggling with anxiety, depression or finding life purpose. She is a beautiful human and will get you on the right track; the healthy and sustainable way."


This program is for you if:

You’re the shy girl who is ready to step into health, confidence and authenticity so that you can finally feel at home and happy in your own skin.

You struggle with your health. Knowing what to eat and how to move your body is overwhelming to you. You just wish you knew where to start and had the accountability to make the positive shifts you need to feel at home in your body. 

You are beginning your journey through a spiritual awakening and feel very alone. You wish you had someone who understands what you’re going through because they have experienced the same thing and can support you through the life changes you are feeling called to make.

You are done being hard on yourself for not being able to feel happy. You’re ready to break free from insecurity and self-doubt that are keeping you small, so that you can finally feel confident, alive, and passionate about life.

You experience waves of depression and you desire to improve and heal through a holistic and natural approach which you know is possible but just need the guidance and support to do it.

There is a part of you deep down that knows that there is more to life than what you’re experiencing and you are ready to feel energized and excited as you become the woman you have always dreamed of being.

"It truly changed my life for the best. I reached all my goals and beyond. Because of the program I am more aware of my health and well being. I would totally recommend if you feel like you are stuck and need a little push in the right direction - Whitney is your girl."


Ready to truly heal and transform your life?

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