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How to Create Space for a More Positive Mindset

Did you know that the average person has over 70,000 thoughts per day? Yowza. That’s a lot of thoughts. Now, take a moment to become aware of some of those thoughts. Are they generally uplifting or positive in nature? Along the lines of “today is going to be a beautiful day!” Or do they feel heavier and more negative? Like “ugh, I’m tired already, is the day over yet?” Your thoughts may not seem to hold much power, but the truth is, they are incredibly powerful. A positive mindset boosts your energy, uplifts your mood and leads to feelings of happiness. Whereas a negative mindset depletes your energy, leads to insecurity and a victim mentality.

Whitney Barkman - How To Create Space For A More Positive Mindset

So you see, your thoughts really do have the power to completely change your day, your week, and your whole entire life. You have the choice to stop dealing with all that negative chatter. Of course it takes a bit of practice and discipline, but the reward is pretty dang great! And it won’t feel difficult forever, I promise. After a little while, the positive thoughts become a habit, they become your first response instead of negativity.

I will interject a small side note here. No one, and I mean NO ONE, is positive every single minute of every single day. I don’t believe striving to never feel a negative thought or emotion is healthy or even achievable. Emotions are human, you guys. We all have ’em! The point is to not let the negative overtake the positive. And to not let negative self talk run the show.


Here are habits to release in order to create space for a more positive mindset.

  • Negative self talk. Obvious right? Doesn’t make it easy to release when this has been your way of thinking for years on top of years. But beating yourself up mentally takes a huge toll on your health and confidence. So when you become aware that you’re being a little harsh on yourself. Stop. Breathe. Say “cancel this thought” in your head. And replace it with a more positive and gentle thought instead.
  • Limiting beliefs. Ah! A big one here. These limiting beliefs are just that, LIMITING. They keep you playing small and they keep you fearful of following your true dreams. Work through your limiting beliefs in a journal and re-write them with positive and confidence building beliefs instead.
  • Comparison. Look, I think I can pretty honestly state that most of us struggle with this one. But it’s important to remember that every single person on this earth is on their own journey. Comparing your life to someone else’s will suck you dry. And you really don’t know what their life is truly like because you aren’t living it. So stay in your own lane – be inspired by others by all means – but don’t forget everything you have going for yourself.
  • Resistance. Change is inevitable. It’s gonna happen. Wouldn’t it be easier to roll with it instead of fighting it? Learn to see change for what it really is, an opportunity to grow and to approach things differently.

Now that you’ve created space by releasing all those negative tendencies, start practicing these healthy habits.

  • Gratitude. First and foremost, practice gratitude. Every single day. Practice keeping a gratitude journal and writing 5 things you’re grateful for every day before bed. Gratitude changes everything!
  • Kindness. Smile at people you walk by. Hold the door open for another. Practicing acts of kindness will shift your mindset towards compassion and love.
  • Quiet time. Huge. Spend a little time alone and in quiet every day. Whether that’s out in nature or in meditation at home. Release tension, other people’s energy and breathe back into connection with yourself.
  • Confidence. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Strut your stuff. Do not let others opinions influence you. This doesn’t mean being obnoxious and being “better than others”. This is about you knowing what’s best for you and you being proud of your purpose in life. Own it, lady.

These are just a few tips to guide you to create more space for a positive outlook on life. Over time these habits become second nature and you’ll find that those really dark days just don’t happen quite so often. You have the power to choose your reality, every day. With the thoughts you think and the actions you take.


What kind of life are you creating?


Love & Light