Forest Bathing
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Finding Stillness

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t I’d love to have you) then you’ll have an idea of important a connection to nature is to me. And I believe it’s that connection that has supported me greatly on my mental health journey.¬†Finding stillness and quiet is so important when it comes to mental health. Away from all the noise of society, social media, work etc. It promotes this incredible sense of peace and all the incessant overthinking and negative thought spirals just get quiet.

Time spent in nature brings about this feeling of smallness. Which sometimes is a very good feeling. It makes you realize how small your life really is in the scheme of things in the Universe. How all these problems you get sucked into thinking are huge, are really – well – small.

Being in nature breathing in fresh air, seeing the beauty in the simplest things, smelling all the forest smells, it can restore your mood and give you energy and a feeling of vitality and inspiration.

Forest Bathing

There’s a Japanese term that translates to ‘forest bathing’ which is simply being in nature.

Not exercising, running, hiking (though I do love to hike). It’s just being. Taking in the colours, sounds and smells. Feeling at one with the natural world, which our society has drifted so far from. It’s re-connection to the Universe. It’s peace.

The majority of the population is incredibly disconnected from nature – the average American spends roughly 93% of their time indoors! And because of this lack of knowledge and respect for nature, people tend to think it unimportant and therefore – the earth is in the state it’s currently in which is a whole other tangent.

People are depressed and anxious. They are disconnected from themselves and Mother Earth. There are many factors that go into healing these issues and connecting to something bigger than yourself and getting out of your head is just one powerful way to begin healing.

So find ways to be outside. Find nature trails close by if you can. Or if you live in a city, spend time at a local park under the trees and with your feet in the grass. Find quiet places and learn to just be. Re-connect. To nature, to the Universe, to yourself.

Forest Bathing

Love & Light