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Thank you! I am so grateful for the support and feedback from my last post regarding my journey to where I am now. It felt both terrifying and healing to share my story. Now it’s time to release my past, release that part of my life and continue moving forward. It is easy to get stuck repeating our stories in our heads, to keep reliving them as if it was still happening now. Letting them influence the present moment and define us. It’s vital to accept the experiences that have shaped us, brought us to who we are today, and then let them go. Today I want to share a powerful practice that has majorly changed my mindset; Gratitude. This was not something I practiced most of my life, I operated out of a place of lack and nothing I had was ever enough. I had to make a conscious choice to start shifting this and it took many months for this to feel natural.

Gratitude changes everything.

I love this practice because it brings to light all the small and wonderful things in our lives. As human beings we tend to focus on the negative around us. Events happening in the world, attitudes, judgement, feelings of lack. Over time these can start to feel heavy and bring on low moods, overwhelm and anxiety. When you’re focusing on feelings of lack; that there is never enough, things aren’t good enough etc, this is what you will attract more of. Why not learn to focus on what we have, and shift into an abundance mindset; therefore attracting more abundance!

The beauty of practicing Gratitude is that over time, it can help bring about a resiliency and strength when negative situations do arise. It better equips you to handle these so-called negative experiences. Most experiences in life are neutral – what makes them “good” or “bad” are our thoughts and reactions to them. Gratitude allows you to see the silver lining, if you will, to everything happening around you. To see what there is to learn from any situation and how you can further grow from it. It is a love-based practice rather than our usual fear-based reaction.

Try out this exercise for yourself and watch your attitude adjust and become more positive. Embodying a more positive outlook – living out of a place of love instead of fear – allows you to impact the world around you in a bigger way.

Try This!

Allow yourself an extra 5 minutes each day, either right when you wake up or as you’re about to go to sleep. Keeping a journal beside your bed may help remind you to do this. Take a moment to take a few deep breaths, and write down three things, in that moment, that you are grateful for. Feel free to write down more than three, if more comes to mind, and there are no rules as to what these are. They can be huge events that have happened for you, or they can be small. They can be similar from day to day if it’s something that repeatedly comes up for you. There is no wrong answer here. These can range from being grateful for the roof over your head, a warm bed to sleep in, a nutritious meal you made for yourself, or even the way the sun shines through the trees. Anything goes.

Recognizing the small and seemingly insignificant things around us can help us become more aware of what’s in our lives, and over time this attitude will spread throughout your day and allow you to become more present in each moment. On those tough days, when it’s hard to see the positive – read back through your previous entries and realize how much you really have to be thankful for.

The real gift of gratitude is that the more grateful you are, the more present you become. -Robert Holden

This is a non-negotiable part of my day, and I think if you try it, you’ll understand why. I start my morning with this and it sets me up for the day with a bright outlook.

Today I am grateful for…