Honestly Speaking

Honestly Speaking

You know those social media accounts that are constantly showing you this bright and shiny side to life? The ones where everyone is always happy, working out and eating right. Well, that’s just not the case with my blog here. That isn’t how life works, for me or a lot of others. And I want to share both the amazing, uplifting, great things that happen. As well as those times when everything is just. Hard.

I’ve been completely uninspired for the last week or so. No energy, no creativity, just nothing. I got really sick and stayed in bed for days. I haven’t been in the kitchen for almost two weeks, which is forever for me. And while it’s easy to get down on myself for all the things I haven’t been doing. It’s time to give ourselves a break. Because being hard on ourselves will only make the feelings of guilt and sadness worse. So I decided to be kind to myself through this period of slowness. I stepped back, told myself “it’s okay”. I didn’t push to sit and write a new blog post. I didn’t push to come up with recipes to make. I didn’t even push myself to get out of my house. Everything just stopped. And that’s okay. It happens. There’s no need for guilt or shame.

So this week I binge watched a TV show and read. I took baths. I did whatever struck me in that moment that I needed to do. Deep down I know that this feeling will pass, it always does. Things get bright again. Inspiration makes a grand return and motivation follows. The will to practice yoga and go for walks slowly creeps back in.The sun comes out again.

Honestly Speaking

Sometimes breakdowns happen, and it’s best to let go of the resistance to it. Let it happen, feel everything you need to feel, do what you need to do. And let it go. It will pass. One of the greatest things I’ve learned in the last year, is to stop resisting life. Yes, I work hard to create the life I desire, but outcomes don’t always come about the way you want. If you ease up on the grip, let go, and flow with life – things come a whole lot easier. And may take you somewhere you never dreamed of.

The trick is learning to just BE instead of always focusing on doing. Sometimes, if all you did was breathe today – that’s okay. Show yourself compassion and kindness – and it will spread to all areas of your life.

Some Spring weather and sunshine would go a long way too, wouldn’t it?