Whitney Barkman - How To View Depression Holistically
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How To View Depression Holistically

Depression is still a loaded subject in today’s society, one that many people are cautious about approaching. Mostly, that’s because so many people don’t understand it. Even many who suffer from depression don’t fully understand it. And that’s really unfortunate, because it makes it a big, scary beast that no one feels they can heal from. Which is just not true. You can heal from it. And I feel that way because I view depression as a symptom of a bigger disconnection.


It’s time to re-think depression. Re-think what causes it. Re-think how to heal it. 


Stop making it out to be a life sentence and stop prescribing medications that in a lot of cases do more harm than good and that are just a band-aid solution. They don’t get to the root of the issue.

Whitney Barkman - How To View Depression Holistically

So here’s how I view depression holistically. It involves all 3 aspects of a human being. The mind. The body. And the soul. It isn’t just as simple as stating that it’s a chemical imbalance in the brain. Because what caused that imbalance? Why is the brain out of whack? That doesn’t just happen randomly.

Physically, the body needs proper nourishment through real, unprocessed food and high quality supplements. The gut needs major attention as the gut-brain connection is HUGE. There is most likely inflammation in the gut, in the body, which then leads to inflammation in the brain which is another cause of depression.

Next turning to the mind, it’s important to learn how to re-train your brain towards less rumination (overthinking) and depressive thoughts. Shifting to a more uplifting outlook through practices such as gratitude, meditation and journaling.

And finally, the soul. Most people suffering from depression feel a lack of purpose, a lack of connection and community. They feel alone. This is huge. The soul needs connection to thrive. Another major contributor to depression is living a life that is unaligned with your authentic self. Living a life that society has told you is the right way to live instead of following your own dreams and passions.


All 3 of these aspects when approaching depression are equally important and all need attention.


If you’re struggling through life right now, I urge you to connect with someone who understands all these aspects. Who will support you to heal in all areas of your life. Because this is truly the only sustainable way to heal depression to the very root of it.

Love & Light