Quinoa Fried Rice
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Quinoa Fried Rice

Health is a journey. While I promote a plant based lifestyle now – these older posts reflect my journey into making healthier choices. I leave these online to support others in making changes and to show that not everything needs to change at once. Take your time and always listen to what’s right for your body.

Quinoa is becoming a popular food these days, it’s a great source of protein and super light. I’m going to share with you today a pretty easy quinoa side dish that I used to actually make with rice, but tried this and it was great. I tried quinoa quite a long time ago and I always found it very bland. But it’s a really great blank canvas if you will, you can do anything with it. This quinoa fried rice is a much lighter dish than traditional rice but it’s still packed with flavour.

Quinoa Fried Rice

Quinoa can be very bland when just cooked in water – I recommend cooking a broth. Chicken, vegetable or beef – it’s your choice. I used low sodium chicken broth in this recipe, it really helps boost the flavour of the quinoa. There’s a decent amount of soy sauce in this recipe also, I would recommend switching to a low sodium soy sauce. It really tastes the same and it cuts the sodium level way down. I actually use a gluten free low sodium soy sauce that still tastes great.

Quinoa Fried Rice

An important tool when cooking this dish is a cast iron skillet. Having a good quality cast iron skillet is so essential in my kitchen. They go from stove top to the oven easily and they spread the heat nice and evenly when cooking.

Quinoa Fried Rice

This dish doesn’t take too long to prepare – I cooked my quinoa in a rice cooker (roughly 15-20 minutes) and then transferred to the cast iron skillet to mix with the other ingredients and to get a bit of a crispy texture. Again, this is a recipe that is super easy to modify to your tastes. Adding some more vegetables or even leftover chicken or beef, anything really can be used to make this into a meal instead of a side dish. The next time I cook this for myself I definitely want to add bean sprouts – which would give a nice crunch.

Quinoa Fried Rice

Quinoa Fried Rice

Quinoa Fried Rice

A lighter version of fried rice made with protein packed quinoa and lots of mushrooms.

Total Time 30 minutes


  • 1 cup quinoa
  • 2 cups broth (chicken, vegetable, beef)
  • 1 cup peas
  • 1 tbsp avocado oil
  • 2 green onions
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 5 button mushrooms
  • 1/4 cup low sodium soy sauce


  1. Cook quinoa according to package instructions.

  2. Cook peas (if frozen) and set aside.

  3. Drizzle oil into cast iron skillet and heat to medium heat.

  4. Finely chop green onions and grate garlic into skillet.

  5. Chop mushrooms (size depends on your preference). Add to skillet.

  6. Add peas and lightly sauté together.

  7. Add in cooked quinoa. Mix well with ingredients. Stir regularly so it doesn’t burn.

  8. Add in soy sauce. ¼ cup but it’s very much a personal taste. Can always add more if you need it.

  9. Cook in skillet maybe 5-10 minutes or until it reaches your desired crispiness.

  10. Remove from heat and serve!