Welcome to my re-designed space! This is something I’ve been working towards for a little while now. What better time to relaunch and refresh than at the start of a new year? I’ve had so much fun starting my blog this past spring and being able to share all my cooking adventures with everyone. Building a website has been a big learning curve and I love looking back to when I started and seeing how far I’ve come. I’ve made many, many changes in my life especially in the last few months moving towards more health and more happiness. This led to my decision to refresh this blog into a space where I can share all of these things (and still lots of recipes of course!).

The past year has been an incredible year for me in terms of growth. It all started with a choice. The decision to change the way my life was going. I was not happy, I didn’t feel like I fit in to the life I had made. I suffered from depression and major anxiety. Unhealthy eating habits, sleeping habits, work habits, and thought patterns – these all contributed to my deep unhappiness. I started this blog on a bit of a whim, I knew I loved being in the kitchen and I wanted to find a way to express that. And through the months of this blog, something shifted for me. It started to be more about healthy life choices than just recipes. So I’ve hit the refresh button.


And now, this health journey has expanded even more for me and I want to expand my blog to reflect that. My desire for this space is to share a bit more of myself. It’s easy to post a recipe – but it was also easy to remain somewhat impersonal. And that left me feeling less than satisfied. So I’m taking steps to put myself out there – to share myself and my journey. The ups and the downs that come with creating a life you love. Because it takes time. And it’s hard (and scary) sometimes. But it’s all up to you, you create your own happiness – no one can do it for you. But wow, is it worth the effort!

Making better food choices is a huge part in your health and a fantastic place to start your journey – but we don’t get all the nutrients we need from food alone. I’ve personally felt the benefits from adding supplements into my diet – to help with the nutrients I do not get enough of. The world of supplements can be daunting to enter into – it is well known that many supplements are not what they claim to be. Regulations vary from country to country – but in most, supplements are considered a food grade product – and therefore are not subject to mandatory reviews or quality requirements.

This leads to why I am so excited to have partnered up with one of the top rated nutritional companies (check out the Nutrisearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements) out there – Usana Health Sciences. It’s a company that I can really align with – using sustainable practices and offering high quality nutritional supplements and personal care products. If you’re interested in learning more about Usana and what they offer – you can head over here.

Your health, your happiness, your reality is all up to you. I’m here to share my journey as I create mine.