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Below you’ll see what I use everyday to support my health. These products fill in any nutritional gaps, support my mental health, my gut health and my skin!

USANA manufactures the highest rated nutritional supplements and personal care products. Using the best quality of ingredients available, USANA formulates these products to be bio-available which means your body can easily absorb all the nutrients! 

What you put on your skin is just as important as what goes into your body. That’s why I love Celavive; it’s clean and simple. Free from toxins and perfumes, this skincare line uses USANA’s Incelligence technology, meaning it penetrates into your cells – healthy from the inside out.

— Nutritionals

Cellsentials Pack

This is my multivitamin, containing both core minerals and antioxidants. These help cover the gaps in my diet and provide my body with the necessary nutrients to keep me functioning at optimal health. These guys are my foundation!

Proflavanol C

A powerful Vitamin C supplement combined with antioxidant Grapeseed Extract. This guy gets me through tough cold and flu seasons. Also, Vitamin C is so good for your skin! Face lift in a bottle right here.

Vitamin D

We do formulate Vitamin D from the sun, but it’s difficult to get enough, especially if you live in a northern climate. Vitamin D is necessary for the development and maintenance of bones and teeth, and is super important for regulating mood as well.


This is a pure and high quality fish oil supplement. It’s important for brain and heart health. Because it's so beneficial for your brain, it's a staple for any mental health regimen. Fish oil is also really great for healthy and glowing skin.


Gut health is one of the most important things to consider in regards to mental health. The gut helps in digestion and keeping things running smoothly, but gut health is also closely linked to depression and anxiety. These probiotics contain two strains that have been shown to survive the harsh environment in your stomach and set up shop where they’re supposed to.

MagneCal D

A Magnesium Calcium combo with a little extra Vitamin D (which helps with absorption). These are essential nutrients for bone health and proper muscle function. Magnesium is also being shown to have a great effect on anxiety and depression.

Skincare —

Gentle Cleanser

This cleanser is super gentle and also very hydrating, while still removing excess dirt and makeup.


Catches any dirt and makeup I may have missed with cleansing. Helps maintain moisture levels and also balances the pH levels of my skin.

Vitalizing Serum

A powerful and hydrating serum that leaves your skin glowing and youthful.

Hydrating Eye Cream

The skin below and around your eyes needs some love too. This eye cream is really moisturizing but lightweight at the same time. It really helps reduce puffiness.

Day Cream

This day cream feels luxurious, it’s thick and mega hydrating. My skin glows after! It helps protect sensitive skin from the sun and also helps even the tone of my skin.

Night Cream

Another rich and luxurious cream I use at night. This cream evens the tone of my skin and reduces the appearance of lines.