Hello Gorgeous! I’m so glad you’re here. The fact that you made it here, to this page, to read about coaching with me – means you’re looking for change, you’re looking for more – am I right?

Maybe you’re trying to figure out what to eat. Maybe you’re dealing with anxiety and low moods waaay too often. Maybe you’re tired, weighed down, and just plain meh.

There is so much disconnection in the world today and I’m here to guide you back to connection. To reignite your self love and love for life. Because you deserve to THRIVE. To live passionately and feel truly alive!

There’s healing to be done and I’m here to be your coach, your support, accountability, a guide, and your friend throughout this journey.




During This Time Together You’ll Learn:

  • which foods nourish and energize you and how to develop a healthy relationship with food
  • how to calm anxiety and stop negative thought spirals
  • to develop deeper self love and self confidence
  • to raise yourself out of depressive moods
  • ways to improve energy levels and digestion

      And so much more.

How I live my life and what I desire to share with you is holistic living – an understanding that food is only one part of a truly healthy life. 
Spirituality, career, relationships and mindset play just as important a role.

Saying yes to working with me is saying yes to yourself and it’s when you start living a life that is authentic to YOU. To shift your mindset towards abundance and love. To build sustainable, healthy habits that support you to live your best life.



How It Works:

  • 12x virtual sessions (by phone and/or video chat)
  • 2 sessions per month (6 months total)
  • Session recaps and applicable resources to keep you inspired and on track between sessions
  • Unlimited email and text access between sessions
  • Freedom to share anything on your mind
  • Guidance, support and accountability




Potential Outcomes From Working With Me:

  • Increased energy and confidence
  • Less anxiety and feelings of depression
  • A deeper connection with your body and intuition; listening to what your body, mind and soul really need
  • a better understanding of your own phases/ups and downs and your energy
  • Knowledge surrounding cooking and shopping for healthy (and more plant-based) foods
  • A loving relationship with yourself, food and exercise
  • Sustainable habits that support your health on every level




  • We’ll begin with a free 30 minute consultation to go over your health history and what you’re looking for in this partnership
  • Our first session will be about getting clear on your vision moving forward and setting long-term goals
  • Virtual sessions will take place every two weeks
  • Sessions will be dictated largely by you – relating to your vision, goals you’ve set or even if something specific is on your mind that day
  • After each session, I’ll send you recap notes, resources and any recommendations we discussed
  • You’ll have direct access to me via email and text in between our sessions for more support or questions you may have

Are you ready to make some serious shifts?
Are you ready to say YES to yourself and your health – and truly THRIVE?