— 6 Month One-on-One Coaching

I’m your coach, but I feel more like your friend. —

Hello beautiful, I’m so glad you’re here. 

I’ve been in your shoes. I remember when I finished 6 months of seeing a counselor and had no idea what to do next. I was out of rock bottom but not by much. I was still struggling with my mental health and feeling very isolated.

It doesn’t have to stay that way and I’m here for your next steps.

To support your health and your happiness.

So, envision your life 6 months from now.

Where do you desire to be, how do you desire to feel?

Let’s work together to make this vision your reality.

Whitney Barkman Work With Me

The Basics of Mental Wellness —

Nutrition: Your mental health truly begins with what you eat.

Supplements: Covering any nutritional deficiencies that can be linked to depression and anxiety. 

Mindset: Tools and techniques to start shifting your mindset from depressed and anxious to grateful and calm.

Movement: Finding movement that suits you and that you enjoy; an important part to all healthy lifestyles.

Self Love & Self Care: Developing self care practices that support your mental well-being and deepen your self confidence.


I coach (and live) with a holistic perspective. Which is the understanding that food, mindset, spirituality, relationships, and exercise ALL play a role in a healthy and fulfilled life.


— Program Basics

12 sessions over a period
of 6 months – that’s one
session every two weeks

Session notes and resources to support the topic we spoke about during our session

Unlimited email and messaging throughout the program for extra support and guidance

Freedom to share what’s on your mind // Accountability and support on your journey

Surrounding yourself with health-minded friends is one of the best ways to stay healthy.

Mark Hyman

Personalized Coaching —

This 6 month experience is personalized and all about you! There is no set schedule to follow.
Each session will be a safe space for you to share where you’re at, what’s on your mind and what you’d like to accomplish.

— Things We May Focus On

· Which foods are linked to feelings of anxiety and depression

· Understanding emotional ups and downs and tools to break the cycle of negative thinking

· Connecting with your self, your body and your intuition

· Being gentle with yourself

· Knowledge surrounding basic cooking and how to shop for healthy foods

· Building sustainable habits that support your health on every level

Whitney Barkman 2018




♥ 6 months

♥ One on one personalized coaching, support and accountability

♥ Pay in full or monthly


*This consultation is to figure out where you’re at, what you’d like to accomplish through our coaching experience, and to determine if we’re the right fit for each other*