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Fine Art Nature Photography

capturing the quiet moments

Hello, I'm Whitney

Most of my work is centred around capturing the quiet and small moments in nature. While surrounded by majestic mountains in my hometown in British Columbia, I am mostly drawn to the scenes that are often overlooked — though I'm sure you'll spot a mountain or two in my body of work, they are hard to resist.

I got my first DSLR camera in 2017 and haven't looked back since. Photographing nature has taught me to slow down, open my eyes, and find beauty in the imperfect (and yet, utterly perfect) land. And it brings me incredible joy to wander the forests and share those moments in this art form.

I am a fine art photographer and forest wanderer based in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. My work predominantly features countless shades of green, moody landscapes, and pristine raindrops.

“Nature is pure spirit, it is the biggest artist. If you want to document its art, you have to see art in nature.”


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